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Intermediate/Middle School Band

The Instrumental Music Program begins at the beginning of the sixth grade year at the Middle School. Students are divided into equal sized groups with instruction beginning on recorders for the first semester. Students are instructed on the basic fundamentals of music as it relates to band instruments. Students learn both bass and treble clefs, note naming, counting, symbols and terminology, etc. During November each year, instrument presentations are made to the students to assist in the selection of instruments. Their prior test scores and aptitude during the first semester also have a strong bearing on the direction of which instrument to begin on. Students desiring to begin on percussion instruments are also given hand coordination and various rhythm tests. Students then begin on their band instrument upon their return after the Christmas Break. They are divided into a brass class, woodwind class, or percussion class for the remainder of the school year.

During the seventh and eighth grade years students continue meeting in separate brass, woodwind, and percussion classes. Extra rehearsals are held before school in preparation for concerts and festivals. They also participate in at least one adjudicated festival, (Marshfield/Nevada) per year, as well as Christmas and Spring Concerts.  Solo & Small Ensembles are utilized during the spring semester.


Middle School Curriculum Schedule

Practice Record

Recorder Letter 2013

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