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Jazz Band Course Syllabus

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Course Title:  Jazz Band I and II

Course Description and Objectives: This full year course is by audition only.  Jazz Band I and II is offered for those band students who wish to broaden their musical skills in a jazz ensemble setting.  Throughout this course, emphasis is placed on jazz history, the concept and theories of the jazz ensemble, and jazz performance.  Music theory and how it relates to jazz improvisation is also both studied and practiced.  Listening skills, using traditional jazz artists and the contemporary idiom are strongly enforced.

Course Requirements:
1.  Be a current member in the Willard High School Band Program.
2. Be on time at all rehearsals and performances and have all necessary equipment and learning tools.
3. Take proper care of both personal and school equipment.
4. Make arrangements to attend and participate at ALL scheduled games, festivals and performances.
5. Have a signed agreement on file with the directors verifying acceptance of all course requirements.

Grading Policy:  Grades will be determined by classroom participation, attendance at scheduled performances, and in-class tests.  The grading system used will follow the system set by the district.

Performances: Students who are enrolled in this course will perform for jazz festivals held throughout the state of Missouri, Tiger (Jazz I) and Lady Tiger (Jazz II) home basketball games, school assemblies, other school related functions, and an end of the year spring jazz concert.

Extra Credit Opportunities: Each student has the opportunity to earn extra credit by attending concerts by other performing groups not affiliated with Willard High School.  Credit will be given upon receipt of a signed program or note from the student’s parent or guardian verifying attendance.  Attendance at area jazz concerts is encouraged and highly recommended.
Students in Jazz I and II are also strongly encouraged to audition for All-District Jazz Band.  Auditions for the All-District Jazz Band will be held in early November.  Each student who auditions for All-District Jazz Band will receive extra credit for his or her efforts.

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