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Warrensburg and the week to come

October 20, 2013

To ALL Moms, Dads, Students, and Family members,

This email holds a lot of information about this coming week. We ask that everyone read ALL of the information and share it with other family members.

FIRST…… a HUGE congratulations to the students for a MUCH IMPROVED Finals Performance last night. They worked extremely hard all last week and finals was a result of that. Now we just need to do that each and every day THE ENTIRE WEEK to prepare for Francis Howell. Your color guard had the highest score in Warrensburg for BOTH prelims and finals.

WE DO HAVE EARLY BAND MONDAY. Please dress your sons/daughters warm. We are going to have several chilly mornings this week. As long as it doesn’t rain this week I think we will all be happy.

FRIDAY’S PRACTICE has been shaved down to 7:30am-10:30 am. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT FINAL PRACTICE FOR US.

FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY evening is also SENIOR RECOGNITION NIGHT. We will recognize the BAND SENORS during PREGAME on Friday evening. That will take place at approximately 6:35 pm. We ask that ALL STUDENTS BRING A WARM CHANGE OF CLOTHES to the game Friday. During the second half we will begin changing into “street clothes” and begin loading for our trip to Francis Howell on Saturday. SATURDAY MORNING will be a 6:30 am practice/load/leave and will be VERY SHORT. We will leave by 8 am, stop at the St. Clair rest area, and arrive at Howell HS by 1:00 pm for lunch. THE TRIP SHEET WILL BE POSTED/EMAILED HOME in the next few days.

FOOTBALL PLAYOFF GAME(S)-None of this is “official” and will not be until this coming Saturday after all District games are played this coming Friday. HERE IS WHAT WE DO KNOW. Currently we have a possible game scheduled for either October 31 OR November 1. IT IS ALSO VERY POSSIBLE that we don’t play either of those but WILL HOST A GAME ON NOVEMBER 6TH. Stay tuned.

Lets keep on keeping on this week, stay focused and come ready to practice and practice hard and see where this journey will end on Saturday.

Take care,



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