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Parkview Day change of plans

October 4, 2013

Hello all,

Trying to predict weather is not easy, get practice in, stay safe, stay warm, etc., etc., etc. So here are some changes for Saturday at Parkview. WE ARE NOT PRACTICING UNTIL 10AM Saturday morning. PLEASE MAKE SURE your son/daughter BRINGS RAIN GEAR. We will do some inside work (if needed) BUT MUST get outside some. We learned a lot of new stuff this week and simply need to get outside. ALSO MAKE SURE THEY BRING WARM WEATHER CLOTHING AND EVEN A CHANGE OF CLOTHES. The temperature is going to drop all day. Think back to last year…….bbbbrrrrrrrr. Practice 10 am Food $10, bring rain gear, warm clothes, and dry clothes to change into if needed and they will be needed. Everybody pray and hope this email is not needed. Thanks for your understanding.



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