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Last day of freedom reminders

August 14, 2013

Good morning everyone,

I know and am sure excitement is running through the house in anticipation of the first day of school tomorrow. We just wanted to send out a few reminders. We do not practice the first day of school tomorrow (Thursday). Students will just come to class 1st or 3rd hour like their schedule says. We will have our first early morning band rehearsal on Friday at 6:30 am sharp. The early morning rehersals occur no matter what the weather sends us. We will be outside as much as possible or in the main gym.

By now we hope all of the cookie dough has been deliverd to your customers. The band/guard shoes still need to be paid for ($29) and picked up as soon as possible. This is another reminder that the band fee and/or rental fee MUST be paid before the first home game on September 6th or students will not be allowed to perform. Parking permits and school issued laptops will not be issued until ALL fees to the school are taken care of either.

We have had a great (but wet) summer of preparation and are looking forward to the journey of Diallo’s Dream and can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Take care,


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