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April 19, 2013

To all parents, students, family members, and community members,

In case you have not heard by now, last night, the Willard Board of Education accepted my resignation/retirement letter. At the same time they agreed to take my current position and divide it in half with myself still filling the role of Director of Bands. My daily teaching duties will be at the high school with my duties at the Intermediate and Middle School being filled by another part time instructor. During the 2013-2014 school year this system will be looked at and evaluated then.

At this time, wiith possible changes occuring in the teacher retirement system, I had to make a very difficult decision. The Board of Education/Administration was receptive to that decision. My wife and I have spent many long hours in husband/wife discussions trying to come to a decision that is also in the best interest of our family and our future. I have been very blessed to have worked in a school district that supports the arts and especially the demands of high quality and high caliber band program. I am equally blessed that the district is allowing me to continue teaching here part time. The decisions we have always tried to make for the students, parents, community, school district, and the band program, have always been centered around how those decisions affect the students. Our goal has always to have a program that everyone has a stake in and feels that it is their own. Our band program is bigger than one person and belongs to all of us.

I thank each and every one of you for the support you have given myself, my family, and the band program for so very many years. I hope and need that support to continue. Hope to see you next Tuesday, April 23, 7 pm for our Annual Spring Concert.

Take care,


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