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MU week

October 28, 2012

Well folks six more days to make the Dragon really come alive! We have been making adjustments, making improvements, and simply making things better for our final performance of the marching season. We ask that you help us by making sure your son/daughter geSt plenty of rest this week, eat well, stay healthy, and DRESS WARM FOR THE MORNINGS.  On Saturday we will practice at 8 am and be on the road by 9:00 am.  Our prelims time is 4:15 pm. We are on second to last.  More information about MU will be coming in a couple of days.  We need your help with the next three items:

1) The Booster Club Greenery is due on this Thursday, November 1, in the morning.  This is the ONLY fundraiser the booster club does of this type the entire school year.  We make a good amount of profit to support the program and the product is top-notch.  The orders must be pre-paid (collect when order is made) and the MONEY & ORDER FORMS are due THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST in the morning.

2) The other fund-raiser we are doing, to assist the students with their deposit/1st payment/balance for the Florida trip, IS ALSO DUE THIS THURSDAY BUT IT IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT, A PRE-PAY ORDER.  All the students need to do is take orders and the money will be due when the product arrives around Thanksgiving. I have already placed an order for the $1 candy and it should arrive sometime this week.

3) I still have not recieved confirmation from about 15 students on whether they are interested in the Florida trip.  I need those TOMORROW, MONDAY. IF there are still any parents who wish to accompany us we still have a few empty seats available.  WHENEVER WE FILL THE REMAINING BUS SEATS WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY MORE PEOPLE.

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. I really enjoyed the time outside doing yard-work.  DRESS ‘EM WARM THIS WEEK. Take care.




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