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Congratulations and what’s ahead

October 7, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to the members of the Willard High School Marching Band for two very improved performances at Valhalla on Saturday.  Your work was noticed and validated by the panel of judges. Our goal is quite simple right now but not simple to achieve: 1) finish the drill this week, and 2) get EVERYONE to take accountability to play/march/flag/drum every note and every step.  If WE ALL do that their is no limit to where this show can take us.

STUDENTS: You proved that cold weather and a little rain will not bother you.  We all  know weather is not a good friend of marching bands but your resolve was evident on Saturday.

PARENTS:  Thank you for getting your kids to practices and supporting us in this adventure and journey.  Please make sure to MAKE THEM get rest and eat well to stay healthy in these crazy weather changing times.  Please check their pants and lightly, with a damp cloth, clean off any dirt/mud on the pant legs. DO NOT WASH THEM.  Also, make them polish and clean their shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SENIORS & PARENTS: We will have our Senior recognition time during pre-game of the final home game this Friday between 6:30-6:50 pm.  Bring those camers.

PARENTAL VOLUNTEERS: You were AMAZING on Saturday at Valhalla!!! You loaded, schlepted, re-loaded, and schlepted some more, anything and everything we needed for those two great performances.  THANK YOU!!!! You kept food in their stomachs and kept their insides WARM.  Their outsides weren’t quite so easy.  I believe the tally was 20 GALLONS OF HOT COCOA!!! i’m still saying the hot chicken noodle soup was my favorite. THANK YOU!!!!

THIS COMING WEEKEND: Competitively speaking, this coming weekend at Tulsa Union High School WILL NOT BE EASY.  Some of the best bands in this part of the country will be there.  MAKING FINALS IS A BIG, BIG DEAL it is definately not a done deal!  The trip sheet will be posted in a day or two, with directions to Tulsa Union, but for now: FB game call time is 6:00 pm.  Practice Saturday 7:00 am, (which will be short), 3 hour bus ride, $12 for two large meals and two large snacks, and then home 3 hours.  We will be home very early, or late if you prefer, on Sunday morning.

Get some rest and be ready to get at it AGAIN tomorrow morning.




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