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A few reminders

July 21, 2012

Hello Band of 2012,

I can not be in contact with you until we begin on July 30th so I wanted to send out a few reminders and other pertinant information.  As you already know we begin again on July 30-August 10 (M-F) from 730am-230pm.  We will break for lunch just like we did back in June.  We will be outside most of the morning until appr 11am each day.  EVERYONE PLEASE BRING WATER BOTTLES, WATER JUGS, WATER CONTAINERS OF ANY AND EVERY TYPE.  We would like to take more frequent BUT SHORT water breaks but that is only possible if 200+students do not have to run into the building each and every time.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FROM HOME AND IT SAVES US A GREAT DEAL OF TIME.  Each student (except pit) needs to also have a small notebook to use as your drill book.  Remember the ones we showed you in June? I hope so.  ALSO: Hats, shoes with socks, loose fitting clothing, and sunscreen are a must.

On the band website under the Calendar/Dates link at the top of the home page you will find an updated list of dates (that we know) for the entire school year.  On August 7th WE WILL NOT BE HAVING BAND PRACTICE DUE TO REGISTRATION.  Please make sure your personal information, especially emails, are up-to-date in the school’s SIS system when you register.  We will also be checking out band uniforms this day.  Our first scheduled performance will be on Friday evening, August 10th, at 6 pm, at the end of our drill camp session.  We will either be in the main gym at the HS or on our parking lot.

Just a reminder that the $100 band fee must be paid by the first home football game on August 24th as per Board of Education Policy.  Many students took care of this in June but if you have not we encourage you to do so on July 30th or asap so everything doesn’t hit you all at once.  We will also be fitting for guard and band shoes when we return.

If you were able to catch the Phantom Regiment Drum Corps this past week you saw a World Class Organization at work with a very strong work ethic.  It will be our turn to get things going on July 30th.  See you then.



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