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Trip update: past and future

July 9, 2012

Hello everyone,

This email is to update LAST YEARS’ band members concerning the Hawaii trip and let NEXT YEARS’ band begin to make plans for the trip they are eligible to take.

FIRST HAWAII-As I hope you already know our travel agent/company were issued several “legal documents” on May 18th and 19th concerning their actions about the Willard High School band trip to Hawaii.  Our representatives from the Attorney General’s Office have been in court, in Springfield, on our behalf, several times since then.  Last Saturday, July 5, I accompanied them to hear arguments/statements made by them and the attorney retained by the travel agent/company.  He was to file papers by 5 pm today (July 9) to proceed into a hearing for a Preliminary Injunction scheduled for later this month.  Our AG representatives also asked for, and was granted, a bench trial to begin in August, before the same judge who has been hearing all arguments and statements up to now.  Our AG reps do not think the Preliminary Injunction hearing will occur and our case will move right into a bench trial in early-mid August.  A bench trial is only heard by a judge not a jury.  He can make any and all final judgments and decisions.  Our AG reps are very pleased with the swiftness of the current proceedings and are very pleased with the judge hearing our case.  They were even more please when they found out the same judge will hear this through to the very end.  I am not getting my hopes up in any way but I am hoping and praying for a swift (and financially successful) end to this ordeal for everyone.  A quick legal lesson: the AG’s Office is investigating and prosecuting the civil case (recovering the money), while the FBI is investigating and prosecuting any and all criminal acts with this case.  We cannot get any “word” from the FBI but their silence is very normal according to our AG reps.  I am in contact with the AG’s Office weekly and will keep you updated via this email method and by posts on the band website at Please forward this to any family members or those you know who were participating in Hawaii 2012.

NEXT YEARS’ BAND-we are in the planning mode to take a trip with ALL MEMBERS of the Willard Band for the 2012-2013 School Year.  Our trips are in way mandatory for all members but are an option for all to participate in.  That means those who were going to Hawaii, those who were not going to Hawaii, and the incoming freshman, are all eligible to attend.  We must make a decision as to the where, when, and how by late August or early September.  The Hawaii kids could either transfer the remaining money in their Hawaii accounts or take it out in a refund.  Those who have already taken it out, those not originally going to Hawaii, and the freshmen, could decide to participate and we will go from there as to the cost, fund raising, etc.  FRESHMEN-take note that we will get back on our 4-year rotation on band trips which means the next band trip would take place during your senior year.  MY ADVICE at this point would be the start “setting back and saving” whatever you can for the trip and we will have details for everyone by the end of August or the beginning of September.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Take care.




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