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Hawaii, Florida, and June

June 11, 2012

This email is for EVERYONE who was in the Willard Band this PAST school year and also for those for NEXT school year. It would be appreciated if you give your attention to each section.  Thank you so very much.

Hawaii trip information: Through the help of both the FBI and the Investigators with the Missouri Attorney Generals Office, our tour director and tour company owner was found on the mainland of the United States and served 4 different legal paper notices.  He, and his company, have 30 days to respond, which will be approximately mid-June, and the legal proceedings will move forward from there.  I am sorry but I can not give you any further information than this.  As things proceed, and I am instructed it is alright to pass along information, I will do so and keep you updated.

Seniors to Florida: we got home this morning at approximately 8:15 am and I fell the SENIORS HAD A BLAST in Florida at the Disney Typhoon Lagoon, Hollywood Park, Universal Studios, and of course the Magic Kingdom.   We also visited Cocoa Beach and the only thing wrong that day was we wound up with some very “red” young folks.  It was a very fun experience for them and they thouroughly enjoyed themselves.  We thank ALL of the donors who made this trip possibile for them.

All others: we hope to have some news about a trip for next year possibly in June.  We will need to make whatever we are going to do “official” by approximately the beginning of September.

SUMMER BAND CLASS INFORMATION, that begins next week, is now available on the website under the marching band link.  Other times/dates can be found under the calendar/date link.

I hope you are having a great summer so far and let’s all stay in touch.



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