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Congratulations Willard

March 25, 2012

I’m feeling very proud, humbled, and blessed today!  All three of those adjectives are due to the performances of our two indoor guards, the incredible work of our students, parents, adults, volunteers on Saturday, and just trying to take it all in while looking at it from the outside.

The mantra of our band program has always been to continually look at what we do and strive to always improve that product.  Both indoor guards, no matter what, continued to improve throughout their seasons while trying some “new” techniques and concepts.  We will continue to make changes to this area of our program next year to take it in directions that we have not gone.  Higher skill expectations, higher performance levels and commitment are always great traits to emulate and strive toward.  I am very proud of our girls!!!

When you take on an event, like hosting the Mid Continent Color Guard Association Championships, it takes a great amount of planning, teamwork, cooperation, experience, and just plain ole “man-hours” to pull it off.  I can not express in words how thankful, happy, and proud I am of our students, parents, volunteers, adults, youngsters, and school personnel, that put on A GREAT SHOW for all of the performers and spectators that came on to the campus of Willard High School on Saturday.  When you deal with the multitude of people we did on Saturday their are hiccups along the way, changes to be made, adjustments to make, but we did all of that with class and dignity.  There are always a select few people/issues that we deal with that “don’t go as planned” but when I take a step back and look at the “big picture”…….. we have so much to be so proud of.  There are minor things we can, and will, tweak next year (if we host again) but I continually received great compliments throughout the day from directors, judges, performers, and spectators, that love to come to Willard for this event.  Those great positive comments have continued throughout the day via text messages, emails, facebook, and phone calls.  The next time you get on a school bus or see your bus driver please thank them too.  I was still standing in the parking lot at 2:00 am this morning with a school that could not contact the bus driver nor knew where he and the bus were.  We did get them to the hotel and I assume by now that all is well.  The drivers for the Willard School District have always taken great care of our students and that was the driving thought keeping me awake “this morning” while standing in our parking lot.  (insert a little laughter and pride here).

I thank you all for your hard work and care you gave Saturday for the MCCGA Championships and feel very proud and blessed for what we do and what we have in our band program and organization.

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