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November 27, 2011


I am sending out 2 emails today, one to EVERYONE, and the second to HAWAII PARTICIPANTS.  I will be placing a “heading” in the subject area of my emails for awhile so you will know who it pertains to and hopefully save you some time. If it doesn’t pertain to you or your student hit the delete button.

EVERYONE: this is the final week that we can add anyone to our Hawaii trip rosters and guarantee them the same cost.  If you fall into this catagory I need you to contact me immediately at

BOOSTER CLUB GREENERY: should be delivered this week.  We will get word out on where and when to pick it up.

SPRINGFIELD CHRISTMAS PARADE/PICTURES: we will be taking our large group photos on Friday, December 9, during 1st hour.  This photos will include the full band, color guard, percussion, student staff, and seniors.  Students who wish to have individual pictures taken may sign up to have these done on Saturday, December 10th.  These are optional.  A price list will be sent home as soon as we get one.  Students MUST arrive at school on Saturday, December 10th, by 12:15 PM IN FULL UNIFORM SO WE MAY LOAD/LEAVE FOR THE SPRINGFIELD CHRISTMAS PARADE.  They may be picked up at the end of the parade route or back here at school.  If you need a parade route map please go to

WINTER GUARD: practice will resume on Tuesday

JAZZ BAND I/II will begin playing for BB games this coming Thursday/Friday/ and Saturday.

 CONCERT BAND: Bring concert instruments, tomorrow, Monday.  All-State Band Auditions are this coming Saturday, December 4.  We will leave school at 6:00 am.

HAWAII PARTICIPANTS:  I almost have everyone’s legal name and birthdate.  Not to lecture but when I ask for this type of information I really need VERY PROMPT responses from EVERYONE.  In dealing with just over 300 individuals you can hopefully understand my frustration at times. Many of you responded almost as quickly as you received my email request but there are still a few missing that I must have.  I know everyone does not receive emails through our school email system so to ensure you get information I am sending out it would be most beneficial to “join” …our band blog/website.  If you do that you will automatically get information I send out.  I post the same info there that I send out through the school email system.  TO JOIN PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING: go to then scroll down to the bottom right hand corner and join the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION by putting in your email address.  YOU ARE FINISHED.  It is that simple.  Then whenever I send out info or make a new post you will get it.

HERE IS WHAT I NEED EVERYONE TO DO TO PROOF THE INFORMATION I HAVE: Please go to the website and at the top click on the link Hawaii 2012. On that page scroll down to the third link on the left side that is titled Legal Name & Birthdate.  You will find 4 columns. The first two are the last/first name that most people go by.  It is not crucial this is correct.  THE THIRD AND FOURTH COLUMNS ARE CRUCIAL.  The third column is the full legal ID name that was submitted to me.  PLEASE CHECK FOR CORRECT SPELLING. This is how your airline ticket and room assignments will be made. The fourth column is YOUR BIRTHDATE.  Please make sure this is accurate as well.  IF THERE IS AN EMPTY BLANK ANYWHERE NEXT TO YOUR NAME I DO NOT HAVE THAT INFORMATION AND NEED IT IMMEDIATELY!!!  If you see a blank by someone you know please let them know to contact me asap.

The names are listed in alphabetical order so you should have very little trouble finding yours.  They are listed in a PDF format so you will not be able to make any changes.  IF I HAVE MADE ANY MISTAKES, and sometimes I am actually human and do so, PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY with the corrections at

REMINDER: ALL TRIP BALANCES MUST BE UP TO A MINIMUM OF $1350 BY THIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH.  PAYMENTS CAN NOT BE LATE OR DELAYED.  This is an important one to lock in airline seats, flight schedules, etc.  Students must turn in money for their cookie dough and candy at this time to get credit for those projects. 


I do not intend for this email/posting to be angry, aggressive, or otherwise but deadlines are coming at us fast and it can be difficult to get info out successfully (and back) from 300+ individuals.  I ask for your understanding in this and other matters to come. 

Take care,



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