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Congratulations and Banquet

October 30, 2011

Home….to MU…to St. Louis….to Home….too bad I can’t earn frequent “driver” miles.  But man, WHAT A WEEKEND! Congratulations to the Cutting Edge 2011 Edition!!!! Second place in the Top 12 Open Class Finals by 0.5 points was inspiring.  The only thing better was the performance itself!  We knew there were good bands in this compeition and especially any one of 5 who could be the Champion.  We performed very well and our placement moving up proved it.  That is not always the case.  To explain prelims a little…. the Class 5 bands were divided into 2 groups with us being in the Black Group.  We took second in that group but overall (for the entire day of 25 bands) we were in 4th place just 0.1 from 3rd  but 2.5 pts from 1st.  Our color guard took second missing the top placement by a mere 0.1 pts. WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!   Back at Broken Arrow we got (putting it politely) “hammered” by the field judges putting us in 22nd place out of the 24 bands there.  In Finals at MU we took 1st place in Field Visual (marching and visual elements) and 3rd place in Field Music.  Both of those captions were judged on the field.  Another great achievement on Saturday was we were 3.0 pts behind the first place band in Field Visual but went on top in finals.  And, yes, we “talked” about that a little bit before finals… but it worked!!!

We can not thank the multitude of parents, adults,  and former students that have helped us throughout this season hauling, sewing, fixing, cooking, planning, collecting, fixing again, whatever was needed.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!  You allowed the kids to focus on performing and the instructors to focus on the kids.

NEXT UP: We do have an early band, this coming Thursday, 6:30 am, (no guard) for our annual recording session.  These CD’s will be available for purchase by ANYONE who would like to relive the musical side of the show, over and over again.  They make great stocking stuffers too.

BAND BANQUET: You should have already recieved your Band Banquet invitation.  We need everyone to RSVP as soon as possible.  We have had well over 700 people join us in the past to celebrate our marching season.  You can imagine the planning of food and other items to make this event happen.  PLEASE RSVP ASAP.  The band members DO NOT PAY for their meal but need to be included in your reservation.  Example:  if mom and dad and band member are coming please rsvp for 3 people but only pay for 2.

Take care, I need to go unpack and go to bed,



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