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Hawaii trip payment/information

October 23, 2011

If you have not read the other post concering our MU week please scroll down below and read it.  The following concerns the Hawaii trip participants.

As you should already know this coming Friday, October 28th, is a payment day.  We ask that the payments be placed into an envelope with the name or names of the people the payments are for on the outside of the envelope.  Please also include the amount of the payment(s), and if the money is simply a payment, candy money, etc.  WE STILL HAVE PLENTY OF CANDY FOR SALE but have not had many takers over the past few weeks. 

The COOKIE DOUGH orders are also due on Friday.  DO NOT COLLECT MONEY AHEAD OF TIME.  The cookie dough fundraiser profits will be put into the student accounts for NOVEMBER.  The dough will be delivered the Monday of Thanksgiving Break so if any is sold to family out of town the cookie dough could be delivered and money collected over Thanksgiving Break. 

On Tuesday of this week we will give out discount cards at were donated to us.  They expire at the end of the year but can be used until then.  The good news is they are 100% profit.  They will be sold for $5 each and all profits will be deposited into the students’ account.  This money may be turned in on Friday as well to help the October payment.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING: Most trip participants have been very good about keeping their payments up to date.  A few months ago we had a MUST HAVE balance.  The November payment will be another one of those.  ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A MINIMUM OF $1,350 BY THE NOVEMBER PAYMENT DATE WILL HAVE EXTRA CHARGES ADDED TO THEIR TRIP OR MAY BE COMPLETELY DROPPED BY OUR TOUR CONTACTS.  The reason for this MUST HAVE balance is that the airline tickets will be finalized with this payment and we have no “wiggle room” to work with.  I do not want this to sound harsh in any manner but my hands are tied when it comes to this particular deadline/payment.  The good news is starting in November the payments drop from $125 per month to $100 per month.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE THE “EXTRA” $25 AND SET IT BACK IN SAVINGS TO HELP PAY FOR FOOD, LUGGAGE CHARGES, OR “FUN” THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO DO ON THIS TRIP.  Within the next 2 months I will send out a list of “fun” things to do during our free-time and the approximate costs.

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