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BAI and Ozarko

October 9, 2011

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, we made it home safe but a lot earlier than planned.  In case you have not already heard we were in 13th place in prelims and were just 0.45 behind the 12th place band and making finals.  As I said, in an email last week, the Broken Arrow Invitational has an enormous number of quality bands!  There were some very good bands in the compeition that made finals and there were good bands that did not make it in.

After looking at the recap sheet that gives the various scores in each caption for each band, along with judges comments and our own opinions, we must “fix” several issues.  The top two of which are how we play individually and how we march individually.  We always look at ordinal scores  (our score in a caption and how it ranks with other groups) and we were 3.7 points behind in Field Music and 4.1 points behind in Field Marching.  Both of these captions were judged on the field.  Put bluntly, we must march better basic fundamentals (horns, drums, and guard) and get everyone playing better individually.  YES, STUDENTS, YOU NEED TO PRACTICE AT HOME!  We can not fix this with school only practice time.

The coming week will be a ZERO-TOLERANCE for mistakes so prepare as you must.  OK, off my soapbox for now!

On Friday, October 14, we have an early-out day.  We have a 6:00 pm call time for the football game with pregame at 6:40 and the game beginning at 7:00 pm.  Practice will be at 7:30 am on Saturday with meals costing $15 this week.  A complete schedule and trip sheet will be posted by Monday evening.  Just looking ahead…… the day before our competition at MU, Friday, October 27th, we are out of school but have had a practice scheduled for that morning on the books for quite some time.  This will be a very important practice for us.



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